Dollar Tree closing 600 Family Dollar stores in 2024 - see full list (2024)

Dollar Tree announced that it is closing 600 of its Family Dollar store locations in 2024 after releasing their fourth-quarter losses.

Dollar Tree closing 600 Family Dollar stores in 2024 - see full list (1)

Dollar Tree is set to shut down 600 Family Dollar stores this year, following the announcement of their fourth-quarter losses. The discount retail giant also plans to close an additional 370 Family Dollar stores and 30 Dollar Tree locations over the next few years as leases expire, amounting to a total closure of 12%-15% of its stores.

This follows a trend of store closures with Walmart recently closing 23 stores across 14 states, Macy's shutting down five stores, Rite Aid closing over 131 stores, Target closing stores due to reported looting, CVS shutting over 300 stores, and Sears closing five more stores.

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While Dollar Tree has not released a comprehensive list of all the locations set to close, the press has been compiling a list of known store closures so far. According to local media reports, many of these stores are reportedly offering sales of 50-90 percent off before they shut their doors for good.

Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in 2015 for over $8 billion after outbidding its rival Dollar General. However, it has reportedly struggled to integrate the chain.

The company announced that it would record a $950 million impairment against the trade name Family Dollar and a $1.07 billion goodwill charge. Family Dollar is also expected to spend over $594 million on closing or rebranding stores, effectively using up all of its holiday season profits, reports the Express US.

Neil Saunders, the managing director of GlobalData, described the massive closure as the last straw in Dollar Tree's ill-conceived acquisition of the Family Dollar chain. Saunders wrote: "This dramatic cull is the coup de grace in the rather botched acquisition of the Family Dollar chain, which has caused Dollar Tree nothing but hassle since it was completed back in 2015," He added: "Basically, almost ten years on, Dollar Tree is still sifting through the mess it inherited and has not been able to completely turn around,".

RetailWire's Dominick Miserandino spoke to CBS about the consequences of these closures. The main reasons cited by the retailer for the shut downs are inflation and shoplifting.

Shuttered stores will likely drastically impact some communities. Miserandino explained to CBS News: "They might be the only store that serves the entire community in this area," and "They might have been one of the few jobs in the community."

He further commented: "These communities are dependent on these stores."

The complete list of store closures is not yet available. However, journalists have worked to put together a list, originally published by the Express.

Family Dollar stores slated to close this year


  • Slocomb, Alabama: A Family Dollar at 534 Lawren

  • ce St. is shutting down, however, a closing date has not been released, according to WDHN.


  • Tallahassee, Florida: A Family Dollar on West Brevard Street is closing, however, the capitol city's four other Family Dollar stores will remain open, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.


  • Peoria, Illinois: Two Family Dollar stores are preparing to close, according to the Peoria Journal Star, which reports that the stores have going- out-of-business banners hung, adding that "everything must be sold."


  • Wichita, Kansas: The Family Dollar Store at 13th Stree

  • t and Broadway is closing, according to KSN News.


There is a long list of Family Dollar stores in Mississippi that have either already closed or will be closing soon, according to Magnolia State Live, including:

  • Canton: 1074 Peace St.

  • Clinton: 222 Clinton Blvd.

  • Collins: 816 Main St.

  • Columbus: 202 Alabama St.

  • Columbus: 60 Mike Parra Rd.

  • De Kalb: 14916 Hwy. 16 W.

  • Drew: 144 W. Park Ave.

  • Durant: 369 E. Madison St.

  • Eupora: 1960 Veteran's Memorial Blvd.

  • Flora: 101 Mansker Dr.

  • Jackson: 3707 S. Siwell Rd.

  • Jackson: 1201 University Blvd.

  • Louisville: 401 S. Church Ave.

  • Monticello: 713 E. Broad St.

  • Natchez: 395 John R. Junkin Dr.

  • Newton: 188 Northside Dr.

  • Okolona: 511 W. Monroe Ave.

  • Pearl: 621 S. Pearson Rd.

  • Pearl: 3123 U. S. Hwy. 80

  • Philadelphia: 800 E. Main St.

  • Quitman: 548 S. Archusa Ave.

  • Raymond: 825 E. Main St.


  • Humansville, Missouri: The Family Dollar store in Humansville, Missouri, will shutter its doors, according to a KY3, which reports that the store is slashing prices to get rid of inventory and is encouraging customers to visit stores in Stockton and El Dorado in future.

  • Willow Springs, Missouri: A Family Dollar store in Willow Springs, will close, cashiers told Howell County News. The staff added that merchandise will be discounted by up to 90 percent.


  • Gering, Nebraska: A location in Gering, Nebraska is slated to close according to exterior signage and is selling items for 50 percent off, according to KNEB.

New Jersey

  • Middletown, New Jersey: A Family Dollar store at the Eastpointe shopping center in Middletown, New Jersey has a banner informing customers that now it's their last chance to shop there, according to the Asbury Park Press.

North Carolina

  • Wilmington, North Carolina: Two Family Dollar lo

  • cations in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Greenfield Street and Carolina Beach Road, are closing, according to WECT6. However, no date has been released.


  • East Liverpool, Ohio: A Family Dollar at 15 Walnut St. in downtown East Liverpool is closing on April 17. Items in the store are selling for 50 percent off, according to The Review.

  • West Dayton, Ohio: A Family Dollar, located at 440 N. James H. McGee Blvd. in Dayton's Roosevelt planning area is closing, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Dollar Tree closing 600 Family Dollar stores in 2024 - see full list (2024)
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