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Summary: Since your brothers have been away in LA, you've started to mix with the wrong people, resulting in you picking up bad habits, your brothers soon find out about.

Warnings: swearing, vaping underage, shouting, crying, talks of bad friends, random names of friends, talks of bad habits, angst with a happy ending


When Nick, Matt and Chris moved to LA you found it hard. Justin obviously had his own life too, so it was strange not having any of your brothers around. Not having them around meant you struggled a lot, resulting in falling into the wrong group of friends and picking up bad habits.

The worst habit you picked up was vaping. Your parents didn't know that you kept it a secret. You would often sit by your window so your room didn't smell or hide behind school when you did it there.

That's where you were now. Standing behind the school building with your friends. You were vaping as you listened to your friend Jennie ramble on about your maths teacher.

"He's a f*cking asshole, said I should start thinking of my future, like dude, I'm only sixteen!" She exclaimed as she puffed on her cigarette.

You laughed and kept taking hits of your vape. You then got a message from your mum saying there was a surprise at home for you.

"Well school is nearly over, I'm going to start heading home. See you later." You said to your friends.

They said their goodbyes as you slowly walked home. You took a few more puffs of your vape before hiding it in your pocket. When you walked into the house, you heard various voices.

"I'm home!" You called.

You then walked through to the kitchen and your eyes went wide as you saw Nick, Matt and Chris. They had called you over the weekend and when you asked when they would visit again, they answered with being unsure as they had loads of work, but now they were standing in the kitchen.

"Hey kid!" Matt exclaimed.

"Hey, your home!" You cheered, rushing to give them each a hug.

What you didn't think about at that moment was the smell of your vape. You only liked the sweet ones, but your brothers had good scenes and had been to a few classic LA parties, so they could smell a vape, alcohol and cigarettes from a mile away.

"New perfume, kid?" Chris asked you.

"Um yeah, trying something new." You lied, trying to drop the subject quickly.

Chris nodded and looked at Matt and Nick, who both looked suspicious too. They didn't say anything and thought to talk to you later.

You all chilled for a bit, you getting anxious as you felt the need for a vape break. Dinner soon rolled round, which distracted you for a bit, as you listened to your brothers tell you more stories from LA.

When you finished, you went off to your room. You sat at your window, vaping for a bit, when suddenly Nick, Matt and Chris burst in, catching you in the act.

"What the f*ck kid!" Nick shouted.

"sh*t." You mumbled, placing the vape down.

"So it's not a "new perfume", is it?" Chris called.

"I....No." You admitted, lowering your head in shame.

"Sit down. We clearly need to talk." Matt said, pointing to your bed.

You sighed and sat down on your bed, Nick sitting next to you as Matt sat on your desk chair and Chris stood up, pacing slightly.

"Let's start off simple, sweetheart. This has got to stop." Nick said, pointing to the vape.

"I know." You said.

"Why?" Chris asked.

"I...I just fell into bad habits. I started vaping mostly, if my friends had a party, I would drink. I know it's all wrong, but it was a way to cope." You confessed.

"Cope with what, petal?" Matt asked.

"Missing you." You answered, tears falling down your face.

The three shared a look, all feeling upset for you. They knew you missed them, as they missed you too, but didn't think anything like this would ever happen.

"Jennie started it, f*ck I know I shouldn't have agreed to hang out with her, but I was desperate." You cried.

"Who's Jennie?" Chris asked.

"My friend. I met her last year, she has a few friends, some of which are out of school, she smokes and drinks. f*ck I'm such an idiot I should have never agreed to hang out with her. I'm such a dumbass." You answered, tugging at your hair in anger.

"Hey kiddo, calm down. Take a deep breath." Nick whispered, taking your hands gently, holding them in his own.

"What we're going to do is talk to mum and dad. Will they be angry? Maybe but if we explain everything, which we will be right by your side to do, it will be okay." He said.

"Will you promise to stop?" Matt asked.

"100%, I need a new way to cope." You answered quickly.

"We will help you, okay sweetheart." Nick said, making you nod.

"You could come back to LA with us for a while. You need a break." Chris suggested.

"For real?" You asked.

"We can talk to mum and dad, but I'm sure it will be okay." Nick responded.

You smiled softly and knew it would be hard, but your brothers were there to help you.

#sturniolo triplets | ericshoney (2024)
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