The Pillager Outpost (2024)

21159 The Pillager Outpost is a Minecraft set that was released on January 2, 2020.


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A pillager outpost is an assortment of structures inhabited by pillagers. Pillager outposts are semi-rare structures, generating every several hundred to couple thousand blocks. This makes them rarer than villages but less rare than woodland mansions. Pillager outposts generate with foundations similar to that of a woodland mansion; watchtowers use cobblestone, birch planks, and dark oak logs as their foundation, tents, and cages generate dark oak planks as their foundation, log piles use horizontal dark oak logs as their foundation, while targets generate cobblestone as a foundation.

The outpost tower generates each time. Up to 4 other smaller structures may spawn around the periphery of the main outpost structure.


There are 303 pieces that are used to build three separate builds and various miscellaneous pieces, such as the two crossbows, a TNT block, the various minifigures, a mace, a shield, the flowers, and a lever mechanism.

The first part, the main part, is a large cage. The cage is on top of two 6 x 8 Bright Green baseplates, connected by a few small plates. On the top right of the baseplates is a structure of 2 x 4 plate and bricks in Light and Dark Stone Gray, with a small lever built into one of them. Running horizontally across the baseplate is a series of tiles, one with a knob and the rest with no knob. The TNT block is wedged between a cage wall and the lever, and when the lever is pushed down it launches the TNT and knocks off the wall (as it is loosely attached to a single stud). The cage itself is built out of Reddish Brown pieces, with 2 x 2 bricks as the frame and 2 x 4 plates across the middle in three different rows. 1 x 2 x 1 bricks are on top of those plates, forming a bar structure. The cage is topped by a 2 x 8 plate, with a 1 x 4 x 1 brick in the middle and inside. Four identical walls create a cage that the Iron Golem can be placed in, although he barely fits and cannot be stuck to a stud.

The second part is a tent and a tree. This build is placed on a 6 x 8 baseplate and a 6 x 12 baseplate, which are connected by small tiles. The tent is simply but effectively constructed. with four 1 x 1 x 3 Reddish Brown pillars each connected to the top of the tent, which is built in an inclining pattern with 2 x 6 White bricks and plates. The tree is built with Reddish Brown 2 x 3 bricks for the trunk and bricks with studs on the side, which connect to 2 x 4 Dark Green bricks which are placed vertically or horizontally. On top of the tree is a 2 x 2 Transparent Dark Green brick.

The third part is by far the simplest, with two scarecrows on top of a 6 x 12 Bright Green baseplate. The scarecrows are identical. The first piece is a 2 x 2 plate with stud, which is topped by a 1 x 1 x 2 Reddish Brown brick. On top of the brick is a 2 x 2 Bright Yellow plate, which is topped by two 1 x 2 Bright Yellow bricks with studs. The studs point outwards to connect to the arms, which are made of a 1 x 1 x 2 brick with side knob with two 1 x 1 tiles on top and under it, all in Reddish Brown. On top of the two bricks is a 2 x 2 Bright Yellow plate with stud, and that is connected to a special pumpkin head. Description[]

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Bring Minecraft™ excitement off the computer and into the real world with this LEGO® Minecraft playset. Players of the game can enact action-packed, hands-on adventures with favorite Minecraft characters – Pillagers and an Iron Golem. Cool Minecraft toy for kids to build, play and adapt The crossbow-wielding, new-for-January-2020 Pillagers have captured the friendly Iron Golem giant. It'll take kids' skill, ingenuity and Minecraft know-how to pull off a successful rescue mission as the heroic Knight figure. The model separates into 3 sections, which kids rearrange to customize the challenge. It’s packed with accessories and features – including a fully equipped tent, 2 dummies for archery practice and a TNT explosion function. Minecraft action figure fun in a LEGO playset LEGO Minecraft toy building sets put open-ended independent play in kids' hands. Best of all for adults, LEGO Minecraft makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids. And with the awesome, new-for-January-2020 buildable Minecraft figures – they’ll never want to put it down!

• A hands-on Minecraft™ rescue adventure with popular characters from the game – Pillagers and an Iron Golem – brought to life in a customizable, 3-section LEGO® Minecraft playset!

• Kids will love the toy’s new-for-January-2020 crossbow-carrying LEGO® Minecraft™ Pillagers. There's also a cool TNT explosion function, a fully-equipped tent, and an archery practice area complete with target dummies.

• Players blast open the Minecraft™ cage with TNT to rescue the Iron Golem then take on the troublesome Pillagers! And, when the battle is over, the 3-section set can be rearranged ready for more adventures.

• Give boys and girls aged 7 and up this versatile Minecraft™ playset as a Christmas, birthday or any-other-day gift! Great for LEGO® brick fans and Minecraft gamers looking for new ways to play their favorite game.

• Measuring over 12” (33cm) long, 7” (20cm) high and 7” (18cm) wide, the set comes in 3 separate sections that allow kids to rearrange, reimagine and embark on endless exciting adventures!

• No batteries needed. The fun is powered by kids’ imaginations – so the enjoyment never ends! Battery-free, hands-on, real-world play boosts kids’ dexterity, creativity and problem-solving skills.

• Simple instructions for kids start them building without delay! And if the instructions go missing, you can download a fresh set from building instructions.

• Every LEGO® Minecraft™ construction toy brings Minecraft's online excitement into the real world. With high-quality, authentic-looking models, LEGO Minecraft sets take kids’ play experience into a new dimension!

• LEGO® toys meet the highest industry standards as well as our own quality criteria. This ensures LEGO bricks are consistent, compatible and always connect and pull apart perfectly – and it's been that way since 1958!

• At The LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, bite, bend, scratch and stretch LEGO® bricks to ensure every piece meets the highest global safety and quality standards – and you can be sure your child is safe.


Set overview

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Minifigure Gallery[]

Pillager (2x)KnightIron GolemSheep


  • In Minecraft, Iron Golems have a chance of spawning in cages around Pillager outposts. That explains the main play feature of this set.
  • Despite being called "Pillager Outpost," no actual pillager outpost is included in this set - just the tent and cage that usually spawn around pillager outposts.

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