Dollar Tree is closing 600 Family Dollar stores in 2024. Here's where they are. (2024)

What happened to Dollar Tree? Retailer closing 1,000 stores

Dollar Tree announced that it is closing 600 of its Family Dollar store locations in 2024.

On top of that, the discount retailer also plans to close an additional 370 Family Dollar stores, plus 30 Dollar Tree locations over the next few years, at the end of their leases. In total, the planned closures represent about 15% of its Family Dollar locations.

The retailer's family of brands has struggled as inflation impacts its low-income shoppers' wallets. More customers are shopping around and comparing prices at competing retailers to ensure they are getting the best deal, while more incidences of shoplifting are also hurting its bottom line, the retailer has said.

The closures could hit some communities hard, according to Dominick Miserandino of RetailWire.

"They might be the only store that serves the entire community in this area," Miserandino told CBS News. "They might have been one of the few jobs in the community."

He added, "These communities are dependent on these stores."

Dollar Tree, which acquired Family Dollar for more than $8 billion nearly a decade ago, has not released a comprehensive list of the locations it is closing.

In an email to CBS MoneyWatch, the company said it decided to close the 600 Family Dollar locations this year after a "comprehensive review of our store portfolio to identify and address underperforming stores and invest in improved store standards and growth." It didn't provide a list of locations that are slated for closure.

Here is a list of Family Dollar stores that are known to be closing so far. Many of the stores are offering sales of 50% off, according to local media reports.

This list, which is not complete, will be updated as more store closures are reported.


  • Slocomb, Alabama: A Family Dollar at 534 Lawrence St. is closing, but no date has yet been set, according to WDHN.


  • Tallahassee, Florida: A Family Dollar on West Brevard Street is closing, with the city's four other Family Dollar stores remaining open, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.


  • Peoria, Illinois:Two Family Dollar stores are preparing to close their doors for good, according to thePeoria Journal Star. Going- out-of-business banners hung on the stores' exteriors indicate that "everything must be sold."


  • Wichita, Kansas: The Family Dollar Store at 13th Street and Broadway is closing, according to KSN News.


A long list of Family Dollar stores in Mississippi have either closed, or will soon shut their doors, according to Magnolia State Live. They include the following locations:

  • Canton: 1074 Peace St.
  • Clinton: 222 Clinton Blvd.
  • Collins: 816 Main St.
  • Columbus: 202 Alabama St.
  • Columbus: 60 Mike Parra Rd.
  • De Kalb: 14916 Hwy. 16 W.
  • Drew: 144 W. Park Ave.
  • Durant: 369 E. Madison St.
  • Eupora: 1960 Veteran's Memorial Blvd.
  • Flora: 101 Mansker Dr.
  • Jackson: 3707 S. Siwell Rd.
  • Jackson: 1201 University Blvd.
  • Louisville: 401 S. Church Ave.
  • Monticello: 713 E. Broad St.
  • Natchez: 395 John R. Junkin Dr.
  • Newton: 188 Northside Dr.
  • Okolona: 511 W. Monroe Ave.
  • Pearl: 621 S. Pearson Rd.
  • Pearl: 3123 U. S. Hwy. 80
  • Philadelphia: 800 E. Main St.
  • Quitman: 548 S. Archusa Ave.
  • Raymond: 825 E. Main St.


  • Humansville, Missouri: The Family Dollar store in Humansville, Missouri, will shutter its doors, according to aKY3 report. A sign on the store's door indicates the company is closing the location and urged customers to visit stores in Stockton and El Dorado instead. The store is reportedly slashing prices further to clear out inventory.
  • Willow Springs, Missouri:A Family Dollar store in Willow Springs, also in Missouri, will close, according to a local newsreport. Cashiers at the store confirmed the closure to Howell County News. Merchandise is being discounted by up to 90%, according to the report.


  • Gering, Nebraska: A location in Gering, Nebraska is selling items for 50% off and has a "store closing" sign, according to KNEB.

New Jersey

  • Middletown, New Jersey: A broad banner on the front of a Family Dollar store at the Eastpointe shopping center in Middletown, New Jersey hangs to let customers now it's their last chance to shop there, according to theAsbury Park Press.

North Carolina

  • Wilmington, North Carolina:Two Family Dollar locations in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Greenfield Street and Carolina Beach Road, are closing, according to WECT6. Employees at the stores said they haven't been told when the closing date yet, however.


  • East Liverpool, Ohio:A Family Dollar at 15 Walnut St. in downtown East Liverpool is closing, with its last day slated to be April 17. Items in the store are selling for 50% off, according to The Review.
  • West Dayton, Ohio: A second Ohio Family Dollar, located at 440 N. James H. McGee Blvd. in Dayton's Roosevelt planning area is also slated to close, according to the Dayton Daily News.


Six Philadelphia-area Family Dollar stores are closing before the end of the month, effective April 20, ABC27 newsreported, citing a WARNnotice posted by the Department of Labor and Industry. The closures are expected to affect 62 workers. The following stores will be closing:

  • 1325 Point Breeze Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 4701 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 1925 West Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 1955 West Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 2201 West Cambria Street, Philadelphia
  • 2459 Kensington Avenue, Philadelphia

South Carolina

  • Clearwater, South Carolina: The location at 4403 Jefferson Davis Highway in Clearwater, South Carolina is offering items at 50% before it closes, reported.


  • Lynchburg, Virginia: Two Family Dollar stores in Lynchburg, Virginia are closing, according to WSET. The stores are located on Campbell Avenue and Federal Street.

West Virginia

  • Elkins, West Virginia: The store, which is offering 50% off and has a "Going Out of Business" sign, said it's closing once all its merchandise is sold, according to the Inter-Mountain newspaper.

Megan Cerullo

Megan Cerullo is a New York-based reporter for CBS MoneyWatch covering small business, workplace, health care, consumer spending and personal finance topics. She regularly appears on CBS News 24/7 to discuss her reporting.

Dollar Tree is closing 600 Family Dollar stores in 2024. Here's where they are. (2024)
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